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Art Museum Field Trip!

Art Museum Field Trip!

Thursday afternoon my mom and I visited the Art Museum, and it was actually pretty fun! I told my mom that we needs to look at art that had to do with women, so we pretty much skipped everything else.. except for some French art.. we’re really into French stuff! Overall, most of the art work that had to with women included that topless! Seemed like men enjoyed painting topless women! If the women were not topless, they were very tastefully painted with jewels, and very well dressed. There was this one painting that my mom and I found kind of funny, it was of this man and women who were courting and she seemed so disinterested, and it was just funny. I think it was a good trip, and the lunch we had there was pretty good!

Saint Louis Art Museum Visit!

This week on Friday I visited the Saint Louis Art Museum with a couple friends of mine! The first thing that I noticed while exploring was that nudity was/is a huge theme for art involving human bodies. However, I did not notice too much of a discrepancy between the nudity of male and female bodies. There was a nearly equal amount which I will admit was much to my surprise. One theme I did notice though was the difference between why men and women were typically depicted in portraits or busts. For the women it was all about whose wife or mistress they had been, often followed by a description of their beauty. For the men it was about their accomplishments and what they had achieved in life. The Gorilla Girls were also on my mind as I checked the artists’ names and found a sharp discrepancy between male and female artists. I can only recall one or two female names definitively.