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I want to show this video for show and tell tomorrow!


Saint Louis Art Museum (SLAM)

Saint Louis Art Museum (SLAM)

Here I am in front of the St. Louis Art Museum! I loved my visit to SLAM. I was accompanied by my friend, Paige, who happens to be an art history major. She shared her knowledge on the different forms of art with me so I feel as though I learned a lot. We attended the contemporary wing – the art was unusual but unique. Here, I found art work by many female artists. There was a nude picture of two women and something I found to be interesting is how “realistic” their bodies are painted. They aren’t extremely skinny; they are drawn like true natural women. However, there was a piece of art that was a woman life size playboy bunny that caught my eye. This was constructed by Duane Hanson. The description of the art consisted of the following “Duane Hanson cast this sculpture from a live model to achieve an unsettling and realistic effect. Hanson often depicted working Americans and here chose the Playboy Bunny as his subject. The woman wears a nametag on her hip, but she is most prominently identified by the well-known markers of the waitresses who serve at Playboy Clubs: the iconic silk bunny ears, dainty bow tie, and bustier. This lifelike depiction of a Playboy Bunny reveals how a woman’s body can be treated as an object and commodity in society.” In all, I really enjoyed my visit to the art museum. I plan to make more visits to SLAM in the future – it’s such a beautiful buidling with so many oustanding works of art.

25 Things!

25 Things!

Hey guys! So this week I decided to post the link to this website my Aunt Liz e-mailed me. It includes “25 Things Every Women Needs To Know” by Hannah Brencher. She is a TED Speaker and creator of I watched her TED talk on the importance of love letters and really loved it – I would encourage you all to watch it if you have time. Moreover, I found her list of 25 things every women needs to know to be very worthwhile. Below I have listed my top 3 favorite bits of advice by Hannah:

1) I agree with Bruno Mars and, if I were a good singer, I’d serenade you alongside him in singing how I hope he buys you flowers… and holds your hands… and takes you to parties if you like to dance. You deserve that. Always. Don’t think you should have less than that. You are worthy beyond words, gal.

2) No matter how tech savvy we get, there is a need to say things to a person’s face. Please, for the love of lovelier things, have the courage to call someone up and verbalize your thoughts or meet for a coffee.Breaking a heart is hard stuff, stopping a relationship is never fun, but there will never be anything as loud as this statement: You are worth my words. You are worth my presence. You are worth, and will always be worth, more than just letters on a screen and a broken heart jammed in the crooks of an overflowing inbox. Face to face connections are fading faster, please don’t let them get away…

3) The women’s section of Old Navy and Target has failed us. If you ever really want to fully embrace to “oversize” look then just frolic over the men’s section. All those flannels you’ve been tugging at, wishing they would actually be “oversize,” are hanging out in the men’s section waiting to kiss your elbows with their flannelish lips. Roll up the sleeves and get going. And then wear them leggings having no shame at all!

About Time

So this weekend I saw the movie “About Time.” It was truly remarkable. This movie taught me a lot of life lessons and I left feeling empowered and inspired. This movie reminded me to enjoy the little things about life and don’t dwell on the negative things. Enjoy the ride.

Best Friends

Best Friends

I know Sex and The City isn’t a great show for a Women’s studies class, but I wanted to concentrate more on the quote. I have always loved this quote because it emphasizes how important our relationships are with our girlfriends. The more loyal and loving ones will be behind you through the best and worst of times so stick with them. My mom still has best friends with grade school, high school, and college and they’ve been by her side through it all. I hope I have a close knit group of friends just like my mom when I’m her age.

Thee Michelle Obama

The link I wanted to share with the class is about Michelle Obama. It’s a Huffington Post article on 5 Reasons Michelle continues to inspire us. 

1. She’s a High Achiever in a Male-Dominated Society

2. She’s Has Been Married for 19 Years

3. She’s Herself

4.  She’s an Advocate for Healthy Living

5. She’s Determined to Raise Her Girls the Right Way

In all, I just thought the article was awesome. I think Michelle Obama is someone a lot of women in this country can relate to. She always stays classy and doesn’t try to be someone she’s not. No matter your political beliefs – I think everyone can find a reason they are inspired by Michelle. 



Throughout the week we’ve been talking about rape and abuse. It’s so sad to think about any girl I know being raped. The pictures we saw today really made me think about how evil and disrespectful a rapist is – they truly disgust me. That being said, I also think it’s important to always respect ourselves and never let a man belitte us. As women, we are subject to many things and it’s important to put our foot down whenever we feel uncomfortable or put in harms way. That being said – respect yourself enough to know you deserve the best.

I Am Malala

I Am Malala

Malala Yousafzai, a young girl from Pakistan, was shot by the Taliban for standing up for women’s rights to education. At the age of 15 years old, she had the courage to speak out against the Taliban for taking her rights away from her. She made a miraculous recovery after being shot in the head and neck at point-blank range while riding the bus home from school. Now 16, she is the youngest nominee ever for the Nobel Peace Prize. She stands as a global symbol of peaceful protest. Malala grew up in a society where men are considered more valuable than women; however, Malala fought for her rights to an education. Malala’s story is proof that it just takes one person’s voice to be the change in the world.

Real Beauty

Real Beauty

So this article includes a petition to the U.S. Government regarding digitally altered images of the human body. A girl is trying to get people to sign a petition that states there should be a law requiring digitally altered images of the human body to be clearly labeled. These unattainable bodies we see in the media cause people to have eating disorders and struggle with their weight.  Young girls and women across the globe are constantly comparing themselves to models in magazines, bill-boards, etc. If these images were required to be labeled we would all understand that the images aren’t technically real. I believe this law should be passed because it’s important people know what real beauty is.

P.S. The video included in the article is really interesting. Give it a go if you have time! Happy midterms everyone!