Art Museum Visit

Art Museum Visit

So I went to the art museum in October and I mainly focused on German Art and in particular German Expressionism. It was really interesting to see how the different artists portrayed the human body and in particular the female form. German Expressionism focuses on emotions and reactions to the second world war. The point of this style of painting is not to portray the body or the scene as it truly looks but to portray the feelings around it. I thought it was really interesting how the female body could be portrayed in this style. Sorry for the quality of the photo my phone camera does not work very well! Overall I really enjoyed my trip!


TLC – His Story

I’m on a TLC kick, and have been for like a month, and I just noticed what the lyrics were in one of their lesser known songs. It’s not an outright allusion to a specific event, but I think it’s a nice little “girl power” song you can jam to. 🙂

SLU Museum of Art

SLU Museum of Art

I went to the art museum around campus with my friends Fiona and Emma last week. While there we only stayed on the first floor, but I noticed that out of all the art on the first floor only one of the artist was a woman. It was shocking to me that there was only one small room for Bela Kadar. I’m not sure if there was more female artists work upstairs, but from the looks of it I doubt there was much more.

Saint Louis Art Museum (SLAM)

Saint Louis Art Museum (SLAM)

Here I am in front of the St. Louis Art Museum! I loved my visit to SLAM. I was accompanied by my friend, Paige, who happens to be an art history major. She shared her knowledge on the different forms of art with me so I feel as though I learned a lot. We attended the contemporary wing – the art was unusual but unique. Here, I found art work by many female artists. There was a nude picture of two women and something I found to be interesting is how “realistic” their bodies are painted. They aren’t extremely skinny; they are drawn like true natural women. However, there was a piece of art that was a woman life size playboy bunny that caught my eye. This was constructed by Duane Hanson. The description of the art consisted of the following “Duane Hanson cast this sculpture from a live model to achieve an unsettling and realistic effect. Hanson often depicted working Americans and here chose the Playboy Bunny as his subject. The woman wears a nametag on her hip, but she is most prominently identified by the well-known markers of the waitresses who serve at Playboy Clubs: the iconic silk bunny ears, dainty bow tie, and bustier. This lifelike depiction of a Playboy Bunny reveals how a woman’s body can be treated as an object and commodity in society.” In all, I really enjoyed my visit to the art museum. I plan to make more visits to SLAM in the future – it’s such a beautiful buidling with so many oustanding works of art.