Girls On Their Periods

I stumbled across this on Tumblr and found it quite funny.


2 thoughts on “Girls On Their Periods

  1. I cannot wait to talk about this in class! I quite agree with many of the things she has to say, and I laughed a lot! I’ve heard a lot of women complain that other girls need to toughen up and stop complaining when they have cramps or are on their period, but honestly I don’t want to! Sometimes it really is like a personal hell! And just because you have a lighter version does not mean the rest of us do! Okay so that’s my rant 🙂 We’re watching this in class just to warn everyone!

  2. This is great, so true and really funny! I completely agree with her when she talks about how people assume that when women are emotional they are on their periods it drives me insane.

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