Female Feminist Celebrities

(I’m back! YAY:))

So ever since we talked about feminism in Hollywood I’ve kinda been on a subconscious boycott of both Katy Perry and Lady Gaga. Their refusal to call themselves feminists despite the messages their music projects really irritated me. And honestly I don’t care if they did say it just to protect their image from the negative connatation of what feminism is. The fact is that so many young women and people look up to them as inspiration and the last thing we need are young girls growing up thinking that feminism means hating men. That just sets our goals backwards. These celebrities have the power to make an impact and change how people view feminism!

So I thought about female celebrities and artists that we didn’t discuss and though they might not have made public statements about feminism, have conducted themselves in a way that proves their stance. And without further ado; my favorite, Beyonce Knowles.

I love Beyonce. She embodies sexual liberation without exploiting herself as some stars often do. She is proud of who she is; she embraces her womanhood as well as her ethnicity. I think she is also a great representation of intersectionality. And her music; if her anthem “Who Run the World” doesn’t prove her views, then perhaps her ballad “If I Were a Boy.” I love both songs. There are also messages in “Single Ladies” and “Irreplaceable” that really show how she refuses to be taken for granted or disrespected by anyone let alone a man! Maybe tomorrow in class when we see “Work Bitch” by Britney, we could compare it to a Beyonce video:)


Male Feminism

Male Feminism

This is a really interesting article I found on Stumleupon.  It was written by Byron Hurt and was published in the Root.  It gives a really interesting look in the male feminist perspective.