The 5 Kick-Ass Women This Mom Dressed Her Daughter As Instead Of A Disney Princess

The 5 Kick-Ass Women This Mom Dressed Her Daughter As Instead Of A Disney Princess

Photographer and mother Jaime Moore searched high and low for creative inspiration to take photos of her 5-year-old daughter Emma but found most of the ideas were how to dress your little girl like a Disney princess. It got her thinking about some real women for her daughter to look up to, whether that be a pilot, a doctor, or even an astronaut.

I loved this idea, and thought that as a little girl I never learned about these kick-ass women, rather I watched disney princesses setting their goals towards being just being married, or being a princess, not really following their true passion.


In class today, when we were talking about objectifing women in media and whatnot, I was really wishing that I had the link to the video because it completely tied into the conversation. And with the controversial music video of Beyonce’s we watched, it really fit in with what we were talking about. I’m still going to share it on wednesday, if that’s alright, but I’m also going to post it for today.

I am extremely opposed to the objectification of women. It upsets me how people always say “oh wow, she looks beautiful,” or “she’s really sexy” when they see a scantily clad woman in an advertisement. Sure, she looks beautiful and sexy, but she also is being used. Sexiness in men is portrayed by usually by a male with a buffer build (abs, pecs, biceps, etc.) and/or wearing a suit or something else classy. However, a “sexy” female is portrayed usually by the subordinate, objectified barely clothed/naked female using or modeling with the subject of the advertisement or the media being displayed/viewed.

Respect Life Month

Today I saw hundreds of people protesting abortion up and down the busy streets of a nearby shopping area near my house. It made me think a lot about women and reproductive rights. I thought it might be interesting to discuss some of the controversial topics surrounding this issue and the roles women play in the fight for or against abortion.

Female Feminist Celebrities

(I’m back! YAY:))

So ever since we talked about feminism in Hollywood I’ve kinda been on a subconscious boycott of both Katy Perry and Lady Gaga. Their refusal to call themselves feminists despite the messages their music projects really irritated me. And honestly I don’t care if they did say it just to protect their image from the negative connatation of what feminism is. The fact is that so many young women and people look up to them as inspiration and the last thing we need are young girls growing up thinking that feminism means hating men. That just sets our goals backwards. These celebrities have the power to make an impact and change how people view feminism!

So I thought about female celebrities and artists that we didn’t discuss and though they might not have made public statements about feminism, have conducted themselves in a way that proves their stance. And without further ado; my favorite, Beyonce Knowles.

I love Beyonce. She embodies sexual liberation without exploiting herself as some stars often do. She is proud of who she is; she embraces her womanhood as well as her ethnicity. I think she is also a great representation of intersectionality. And her music; if her anthem “Who Run the World” doesn’t prove her views, then perhaps her ballad “If I Were a Boy.” I love both songs. There are also messages in “Single Ladies” and “Irreplaceable” that really show how she refuses to be taken for granted or disrespected by anyone let alone a man! Maybe tomorrow in class when we see “Work Bitch” by Britney, we could compare it to a Beyonce video:)

Volunteer time!

Volunteer time!

This weekend my friend and I volunteered at the APA’s annual Canine Carnival at Tilles Park. It was our 3rd year volunteering for it, and I’ve noticed that almost every year the attendees are mostly women, and I was wondering why men wouldn’t want to come to a park and play games with their dog. But a lot of the women dress up their little dogs and it was so cute!!

Unrealistic Proportions

Unrealistic Proportions

So I was very intrigued by our discussion today on Andrej Pejic and how he models women’s clothing. The disturbing things for me is NOT that he is a man modeling women’s clothing.. it’s WHY he fits the description so well. Andrej is indeed very tiny, and as a man he has no breasts. His face is defined by beautiful bone structure, and is devoid of all excess flesh that might get in the way of seeing that. While he is truly striking it frustrates me that this is the mold the high end fashion industry is proclaiming women should fit. If I may be blunt, there is NO FREAKING WAY my body could ever biologically be that tiny! I understand that I am not fat, and in reality am quite slim, but I can feel the bones in my hips.. They flare out creating an hour glass shape. There is no possible way my hips could get any smaller because my very bones are that wide. And you know what? I like it! (Okay, I’m getting a little side tracked here…) I guess my biggest frustration is that the industry is setting an example that honestly is unhealthy for the vast majority of women. We have breasts and hips and thighs and butts! Many of us will never be able to achieve even remotely the thinness of Andrej, and yet it is this absolutely unrealistic body type that we choose to represent women in the clothing industry! Through my disbelief (and frustration) in this I have begun to see with more empathy how many girls must feel about the pageant industry… Hmm.. Food for thought!


So our conversation today about the word cunt and why it is such a social taboo reminded me of this video I saw called Cliteracy. Cliteracy is a movement to make people aware of a fundamental part of women’s bodies, the clitoris, that is always overlooked. I thought it was a really interesting video and I felt comfortable posting it after our discussion today. There is also and article on Huffington Post if you guys want to check out more about the movement.

My Mom & Me!

My Mom & Me!

For this weeks blog post I decided to upload a picture of my mom and I. These past 20 years, my mom has raised me on her own. Being a single mom is extremely tough; however, she has always made it look easy. Growing up, she never missed a basketball game, track practice, spelling bee, or play. I have her to thank for everything. To me, my mom embodies what it means to be a woman. This world is filled with single, working mothers who are required to take on several roles as a parent. I think it’s important we all take time to remember the women in our lives who have been so influential over the years and have stood as exceptional role models both past, present, and future.

The Love Your Body Project

The Love Your Body Project

So this is kind of off topic, but my best friend and I started this project called The Love Your Body Project. We went to Taste of St. Louis this weekend and took photos of some people, men and women, with something they love about their bodies written on a whiteboard. This doesn’t relate much to any of our readings, but it just really helped me, and others, to really put thought into what they loved about themselves. Most had absolutely no trouble coming up with something. We only had time to ask a few, but we’ll be doing it a ton more in the future. If you want to check out some other photos, or watch the array of people grow you could follow the Instagram page @TheLoveYourBodyProject.