A Post About Rape: From “Real Men”

A Post About Rape: From “Real Men”

When I first hot play on this video I was terrified of what was going to happen. I actually physically steeled my body in preparation for what I was about to see. I wondered if what I was going to watch was even legal, or how this guy got away with it! When I finally watched the video it was a big surprise! I encourage all of you to watch this and then read the article after. My boyfriend is actually the one who sent this to me, and it was a great insight into what real men think about rape culture.


I found the article in salon.com to be very interesting. It was shocking to hear that the judge in Montana claimed that the 14-year old young girl was in as much control of the situation as her 49-year old rapist. It doesn’t make the crime OK because the girl was 14 years old; no matter how old you are rape is not acceptable. It’s shocking to hear the judge reduced the rapist’s sentence from 15-years to 30 days. The trauma that these young girls go through at such a young age is heart breaking and for their rapists to get off because the young girl is considered almost equally guilty is ridiculous. A judge should not say that because she’s old enough to give consent, it’s no longer the rapist’s fault. In all, this article was truly eye opening and I strongly protest against any judge who uses age in a way to justify rape.