Gay sex-ed

Gay sex-ed

So in primary school we are typically taught sex-ed, but it is always about heterosexual relationships and sexual encounters. I was curious if any schools in the state also teach children about safe sex in homosexual relationships. I didn’t find anything specifically regarding the U.S. but I found an article about Scotland teaching students about homosexual sex-ed, which is really rad. I personally think that if at a younger age we were taught about these things as we grew up we would be less likely to shun those who live that lifestyle. I know that as a child if I were taught about it I would have probably been more comfortable in my own skin and possibly would’ve been more accepted by my peers and bullied less.. but that’s just a personal opinion.


Laverne Cox on Totally Biased

So I’m not sure if anyone else has watched the new netflix show Orange is the New Black, but it’s a great show that is based on Piper Kerman’s memoirs from her time in a women’s prison. The show also stars Laverne Cox and she is the first African American transgender woman to star in a TV series. This is a really interesting interview that she did on Totally Biased where she talks about her role models and her life experiences as she went through the transition to becoming biologically female. I thought it fit is really well with our readings for this week on the social constructions of gender and is definitely worth watching.

Gender Dysphoria and the Military: Watching the Manning Case

We won’t be discussing transgender issues until later in the semester, but if you’re at all interested this side of gender theory you might find the case of Chelsea Manning, formerly Bradley Manning, interesting.

Here is NPR’s evolving coverage of the former Army private’s request to be recognized as a female, and what this means for her as a transwoman who will be entering military detention at an all male facility.

These articles also show some of the issues involved in reporting on trans people.

Bradley Manning: ‘I Am a Female,’ Call Me Chelsea.

NPR Issues New Guidance On Manning’s Gender Identity

Manning Would Pay for Hormone Therapy, Lawyer Says