Let’s Change the Subject: Sex

I hung out with my guy friends this weekend and we talked a lot about the difference between men and women when it comes to expectations regarding sex. The conversations boiled down to the pressures they faced when it comes to discussing their sexual relationships opposed to mine. I noticed that at times they were uncomfortable when I talked about sexual relationships and it made me think about the taboo that surrounds women expressing their sexuality.

I thought we could discuss our experiences with having these personal conversations with men and how they react to what is being said.

Respect Life Month

Today I saw hundreds of people protesting abortion up and down the busy streets of a nearby shopping area near my house. It made me think a lot about women and reproductive rights. I thought it might be interesting to discuss some of the controversial topics surrounding this issue and the roles women play in the fight for or against abortion.

Phenomenal Woman

I’ve been reading a lot of Maya Angelou’s work recently and came across one of my favorite poems of hers, “Phenomenal Woman”. I feel that it’s very empowering, so if you haven’t heard it or read it already, you should listen to her recite it. 

Maggie’s Invisible Knapsack

1. I am able to walk outside in my neighborhood alone without being afraid.

2. If I were to get sick or injured, I have health insurance to relieve the hefty medical bills.

3. I have access to a vehicle at all times.

4. I have access to food and clean water at all times.

5. I can apply to jobs with the confidence that I will not be discriminated against because of my race.

6. When I go out in public with my partner, I know that we are not being judged or looked down upon.

7. If I were to say or do something that would upset someone, they would not immediately blame it on my race or sexual orientation.

8. I can easily find places to buy clothes for my gender.

9. In most public settings, I am not a minority.

10. I have the opportunity to join many more clubs/organizations that pertain to my race and gender.

11. There is a wide variety of hair and makeup products I can buy at most stores.

12. I speak the language that most everyone else speaks in my region.

13. I can go on Netflix and find something that pertains to my life and general interests almost instantly.

14. I don’t find difficulty using restrooms or changing rooms because most places have ones that are specific to my gender.

15. I can confidently answer questions about my sexual orientation without fear that I will be viewed differently.