Feminists and the Hunger Games

I went to see Catching Fire this weekend; it was awesome! And given discussion last week, I thought this video was both interesting and relevant. Check it out! I hope she does this process for the Catching Fire movie too!


One thought on “Feminists and the Hunger Games

  1. Holy cow.. The problems she points out are enormous and yet I would have never had recognized them had she not pointed them out. I have noticed over the course of this semester a heightened awareness in myself over things gender and social justice related, but the amount of awareness shown in this video is something I will have to continue to strive for. Three main points of hers stuck out to me. The feminization of the men in the capitol, the failure of the filmmakers to depict horror at Clove’s death, and the fact that only Caucasian actresses were allowed to audition for Katniss. I’ve read all three novels, and have seen both the Hunger Games and Catching Fire in theatres. I can’t help but wonder if I wasn’t able to view the film as critically because I already had experienced the horror and trauma through Katniss’s eyes by way of the book, therefore when watching the movie I didn’t notice the lack of it. I think my greatest shock came with the realization of the triumph felt at Clove’s death. Because I was one of the cheerers. Clove was depicted as such a cold hearted killer that I forgot she was a child fighting for her life. I forgot to feel sick to my stomach at her death. It’s terrifying how easy it was for the filmmakers to elicit cheers from their audience just as the gamemakers could..

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