Ms. Veteran America

Since beauty pageants have come up in our class discussion, I thought some of you might be interested to read about this event that I hadn’t heard of: Ms. Veteran America.

Here’s an interview with the current reigning Ms. Veteran America on how she’s using her title to talk about sexual violence in the military.


One thought on “Ms. Veteran America

  1. I loved seeing this! As someone who has been immersed in the pageant world it was so uplifting to see women embrace the core idea of pageants as uplifting, confidence-builders, and a celebration of women, and make it their own! It was also interesting for me (and I think really admirable) that this pageant is open to mothers and wives! In many beauty pageants you may not be married or have children, which I am beginning to recognize as ageists, not to mention it teaches girls that once your life gets to that stage being a mother or a wife is all you can be, and other aspects of your life will have to be done! I also really appreciate what the 2012 Ms. Veteran America stands for regarding sexual violence against women in the military. Sexual violence against women is a subject I am personally very passionate about, and I am so proud of her for giving a voice to women who are a minority in that field.

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