A Post About Rape: From “Real Men”

A Post About Rape: From “Real Men”

When I first hot play on this video I was terrified of what was going to happen. I actually physically steeled my body in preparation for what I was about to see. I wondered if what I was going to watch was even legal, or how this guy got away with it! When I finally watched the video it was a big surprise! I encourage all of you to watch this and then read the article after. My boyfriend is actually the one who sent this to me, and it was a great insight into what real men think about rape culture.


One thought on “A Post About Rape: From “Real Men”

  1. This is great thanks for sharing! I think it shed some really important light onto rape culture but it makes me so sad and angry that slut shaming and blaming the victim of sexual assault is still so prevalent today. I that more articles like this will come out and there will be less focus on blaming women.

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