I found the article in to be very interesting. It was shocking to hear that the judge in Montana claimed that the 14-year old young girl was in as much control of the situation as her 49-year old rapist. It doesn’t make the crime OK because the girl was 14 years old; no matter how old you are rape is not acceptable. It’s shocking to hear the judge reduced the rapist’s sentence from 15-years to 30 days. The trauma that these young girls go through at such a young age is heart breaking and for their rapists to get off because the young girl is considered almost equally guilty is ridiculous. A judge should not say that because she’s old enough to give consent, it’s no longer the rapist’s fault. In all, this article was truly eye opening and I strongly protest against any judge who uses age in a way to justify rape.


One thought on “Age

  1. It also shocked me how he only got 30 days. It’s actually terrifying that one can go from 15 years to 30 days that easily.. he is much older than her and should know better.. regardless if she gave consent, that’s plain disgusting. The age of that girl is not old enough whatsoever. This whole situation grinds my gears and I’m sure things like this happen all of the time without being brought to the surface.

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