Saint Louis Art Museum (SLAM)

Saint Louis Art Museum (SLAM)

Here I am in front of the St. Louis Art Museum! I loved my visit to SLAM. I was accompanied by my friend, Paige, who happens to be an art history major. She shared her knowledge on the different forms of art with me so I feel as though I learned a lot. We attended the contemporary wing – the art was unusual but unique. Here, I found art work by many female artists. There was a nude picture of two women and something I found to be interesting is how “realistic” their bodies are painted. They aren’t extremely skinny; they are drawn like true natural women. However, there was a piece of art that was a woman life size playboy bunny that caught my eye. This was constructed by Duane Hanson. The description of the art consisted of the following “Duane Hanson cast this sculpture from a live model to achieve an unsettling and realistic effect. Hanson often depicted working Americans and here chose the Playboy Bunny as his subject. The woman wears a nametag on her hip, but she is most prominently identified by the well-known markers of the waitresses who serve at Playboy Clubs: the iconic silk bunny ears, dainty bow tie, and bustier. This lifelike depiction of a Playboy Bunny reveals how a woman’s body can be treated as an object and commodity in society.” In all, I really enjoyed my visit to the art museum. I plan to make more visits to SLAM in the future – it’s such a beautiful buidling with so many oustanding works of art.


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