How the Media Failed Women in 2013

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Victoria Secret “Consensual Line”

Victoria Secret “Consensual Line”

So, I don’t know about you guys, but with the holiday season rolling around, I am constantly bombarded with VS commercials while watching my TV! Which of course makes me extremely self conscious about my body as I just ate a TON over Thanksgiving….anyway. I was scrolling through the internet and found this link! Check it out! Apparently these feminists in Baltimore created a fake line of underwear and made it look like it was from PINK! The fake underwear had slogans like “No Means No” or “Consent is Sexy” in rebuttal to an ACTUAL VS panty that said; “Yes, No, Maybe” or even “For Sure” I have a bunch of feelings about all this, but I’d love to hear you guys’ feedback!

Mormon Women Bare: Artist Captures Beautiful Nude Photo

Mormon Women Bare: Artist Captures Beautiful Nude Photo

Photographer Katrina Barker Anderson from Salt Lake City, is on two not-so-simple missions: to protest the modesty rhetoric of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS, better known as the Mormon church), and to capture Mormon women in the nude, celebrating the human body in all forms.

A lifelong member of the LDS church herself, Barker Anderson recalls hearing stories of young girls being shamed for not dressing “modestly” enough, and after hearing similar stories over and over again, she got fed up.


25 Things!

25 Things!

Hey guys! So this week I decided to post the link to this website my Aunt Liz e-mailed me. It includes “25 Things Every Women Needs To Know” by Hannah Brencher. She is a TED Speaker and creator of I watched her TED talk on the importance of love letters and really loved it – I would encourage you all to watch it if you have time. Moreover, I found her list of 25 things every women needs to know to be very worthwhile. Below I have listed my top 3 favorite bits of advice by Hannah:

1) I agree with Bruno Mars and, if I were a good singer, I’d serenade you alongside him in singing how I hope he buys you flowers… and holds your hands… and takes you to parties if you like to dance. You deserve that. Always. Don’t think you should have less than that. You are worthy beyond words, gal.

2) No matter how tech savvy we get, there is a need to say things to a person’s face. Please, for the love of lovelier things, have the courage to call someone up and verbalize your thoughts or meet for a coffee.Breaking a heart is hard stuff, stopping a relationship is never fun, but there will never be anything as loud as this statement: You are worth my words. You are worth my presence. You are worth, and will always be worth, more than just letters on a screen and a broken heart jammed in the crooks of an overflowing inbox. Face to face connections are fading faster, please don’t let them get away…

3) The women’s section of Old Navy and Target has failed us. If you ever really want to fully embrace to “oversize” look then just frolic over the men’s section. All those flannels you’ve been tugging at, wishing they would actually be “oversize,” are hanging out in the men’s section waiting to kiss your elbows with their flannelish lips. Roll up the sleeves and get going. And then wear them leggings having no shame at all!