Why cosmetic surgery when women’s freedoms have increased?

 For another of my classes here at SLU I am studying the phenomena of the spike of breast augmentation in the past 30 years. It has become more and more desirable in recent years for a woman’s curves (breasts and buttocks) to be lush and fuller while her waist is still expected to be small and her stomach flat. These surgeries as well as other cosmetic procedures continue to rise is popularity over the years. However this has created an anomaly in our culture. Why is it that even though in the past thirty years women have increasingly gained more freedoms, yet they feel an increasing requirement to alter their bodies? It is fact that in the last century huge gains have been reached for women, yet this fact does not match up with how many women are treating their bodies. What in your opinion can account for this?


One thought on “Why cosmetic surgery when women’s freedoms have increased?

  1. I think you bring up a really good point. I will never understand why women will pay thousands of dollars just to feel better about themselves, especially about their breasts. I don’t foresee myself to ever get plastic surgery. I woner if women get breast augumentations to feel better about themselves or it comes from societal pressure?

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