How To Cure a Feminist

Eight ways a man can cure a feminist.


2 thoughts on “How To Cure a Feminist

  1. Wow! At the beginning I was laughing and flowing her the whole time. Then as the speech continued I felt sick to my stomach. Some of the images I thought may have gone too far, but the ideas? Those were right on target. I liked how she progressed smoothly in her speech as the relationship would have; meeting at a bar, staying the night, living together, committing. I also was so proud that in this context the word feminist was used in the right way, as an empowered woman who wished to promote equality. This helped point out how sickening it is that a woman who healthily has herself together and has self esteem is seen in a negative light or as something to break. The ending where she pointed out from the male perspective that the woman had never existed before him gave me goosebumps. So powerful.

  2. I totally agree! This was really powerful. Sidenote I love all the slam poetry that keeps getting posted! Thanks for sharing!

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