Sexual assault is not cool

Sexual assault is not cool

I came across this post on and it reminded me of the video that Jayde posted a couple weeks ago. I was really concerned when I first started reading but then I was surprised impressed by the ending and thought it was pretty funny too. I’m glad that posts like this are becoming more apparent.


One thought on “Sexual assault is not cool

  1. Isn’t it terrifying that drunk rape is so common we immediately expect it from the beginning? I am definitely impressed and happy to see that a male-led campaign is beginning against drunk rape. It’s ridiculous that this is so common that as soon as we hear a girl is drunk at a part we must immediately fear for her. The other day in one of my classes my TA asked a question that has stuck with me ever since. First she asked the boys how many of them had been specifically told by their parents not to rape a girl. No one raised their hand. Then she asked the girls how many of them had been told by their parents what to do in the instance where they were afraid of being raped. Every single girl raised her hand…

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