Dear Straight People

The title of this slam poetry was kind of concerning to me, but once I gave it a listen I thoroughly enjoyed it. She made it very humourous while hitting some very important points. I didn’t like how she made it seem as if all straight people were like this, but it’s still a great video.


One thought on “Dear Straight People

  1. This was very powerful to watch. I’ve never understood why hate is so common. What is it about ‘different’ that makes us so uncomfortable? Sure, it can be learned, but where did it come from? And hate is such an ugly thing, so why does it survive when all it does is destroy? And what is it about sexuality in general that makes people’s blood boil? Why do we stand in the way of love? Hate in this case is just so hard for me to understand, because its not an instance of revenge where people hate out of hurt. So what are they hating out of? More questions than statements, but I believe getting to the bottom of hate is important.

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