Going through a Haunted House

This post is completely non-serious and comes in the spirit of Halloween.

In this clip from The Ellen Show, they sent their writer and producer through a haunted house. It’s fairly funny to watch, but as I was watching it, I couldn’t help but noticed how much of the humor came from the way they talked about gender before, during, and after the clip.


3 thoughts on “Going through a Haunted House

  1. I was laughing so hard!! But this video demonstrates an interesting point. I mean yes, the man box is definitely shown but it makes me wonder. So when people experience things like fear, there really is no gender. I mean, when I’m afraid the last thing on my mind is; “I’m scared because I’m a girl.” That’s so stupid. And I guess that’s part of the man box; not to show fear. But in this video, its all too clear that everyone experiences fear and its part of humanity. It has nothing to do with being a man or a woman. Now if only we could make people see this about other powerful feelings like love; its nothing to do with gender; but with being human.

  2. I defiantly thought about the “deeper” reasons for the this video getting so many hits on youtube, because Ellen’s writer had done the haunted house tour a couple of times but they were not nearly as popular. So having Andy this time go through it and his reaction being so “shockingly” funny defiantly made me think that reason this is funnier than others is due to the fact that he is kind of stepping out of that man box we are all use to therefore, the novelty of the situation is interesting and entertaining to us. (Besides the fact that it is just purly entertaining to watch people get scared)

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