Ever since the discussion of where the majority of cuss words come from, they stick out a lot more, especially with “pussy” being used to insult someone, (usually a male), as a synonym for wimp or something of the nature. And I want to say something… but I just don’t.

And just yesterday, my female friend was talking to one of our guy friends, and she called him a “girl” for some reason I can’t remember right now… But it (was in a derogatory fashion/had a negative connotation)! That’s all that matters! But back to the point, I was a little disappointed that my friend had used “girl” as an insult, which lead me to realize that I use the phrase “I’m such a girl.” I usually say that when I get upset about something happening, and then I’ll tell a guy, and he’ll just be like “okay…” It makes me feel like I’m overreacting, and so I’ll play it off like “I’m such a girl,” “I’m having my emotions again.” I don’t want to say it, but I’m not at a point in my feminism-ness where I can stand up and do confrontations. (It also doesn’t help that I’m not much of a confrontational person.)


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  1. I know exactly how you feel.. Even though I consider myself a feminist I feel myself making these same mistakes all the time. It makes me so sad that this kind of language is so common that even those of us who consider ourselves (young) feminists make these comments before we even realize what we’re saying. One thing I’m very grateful for from this class is the new awareness I have for the things around me and what people say. I want so badly to speak up when I hear things, but then the “radical, lesbian, feminist” baiting comes to mind and I feel the fear of being ostracized or called crazy. This is something I definitely have to work on :/

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