The Purity Myth

The Purity Myth

Hey guys so this week I thought I would make a post about the Purity Myth which fits really well into our discussion for this week. The Purity Myth was written by Jessica Valenti (the author of the Cult of Virginity) and its a really interesting book that talks about America’s obsession with virginity and how the extreme focus on chastity is damaging to women. She talks a lot about the virginity movement and discusses its presence in schools, media, etc. Its a really interesting read and I highly recommend it!


2 thoughts on “The Purity Myth

  1. I find the whole virginity discussion incredibly interesting, but also very scary. Personally I do have a purity ring, and I consider it one of the most important decisions I’ve ever made. However, I do recognize many of the problems that are brought up both in this book and in the article we read. I’ve seen first hand how different cultures have used virginity to the detriment and oppression of women. I think it’s highly unfair that virginity is such a double standard and has been for so long.

  2. I think this book looks really interesting. I think women’s viriginity looks at the relationship between women’s equality and women’s sexuality. In my opinion, women can choose to do with their bodies as they please. Although, I feel like women are judged regardless if they decide to stay pure or not.

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