Yesterday while at Cafe Ventana I decided to go to the mens restroom so I didn’t have to wait for the women’s, because why not? They are literally the exact same.. in fact, they just recently switched the signs on the doors for the mens and women’s, so it technically used to always be used by women.. but as I walked out this man stopped me and said, “FYI, they switched the signs.” He was angry because he had to wait for a woman, rather than a man. I looked him in the eyes and said, “that’s okay” as I walked away. I found it very rude and disrespectful, and what if I didn’t see myself as a woman.. he knows nothing about me. Last weekend in Rockford I was at a regatta for rowing and we had to stay in the YMCA with about 700 other people.. I didn’t want to wait for the girls restroom once again because there were six girls in this one bathroom brushing their teeth.. when I came out of the mens restroom, mind you it was a private restroom, this guy was disgusted and said, “I can’t go in there now,” and walked away. Little things like this are becoming more visible to me and it’s ridiculous.. especially because all restrooms are made for the same purpose, regardless of sexual identity. End rant.


2 thoughts on “Restrooms

  1. I’ve had to use the men’s room a few times when the line in the women’s room is ridiculously long. I definitely got some stares and I totally agree that we’re all there just to take care of our business. Nice rant!

  2. You prove a very good point… men can be so uptight about women using the men’s restroom. I have done this before and always receive a mean look whenver I exit the bathroom. I feel bad for a man if his biggest problem in life is a woman using the restroom that says “Mens” on the front.

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