Real Beauty

Real Beauty

So this article includes a petition to the U.S. Government regarding digitally altered images of the human body. A girl is trying to get people to sign a petition that states there should be a law requiring digitally altered images of the human body to be clearly labeled. These unattainable bodies we see in the media cause people to have eating disorders and struggle with their weight.  Young girls and women across the globe are constantly comparing themselves to models in magazines, bill-boards, etc. If these images were required to be labeled we would all understand that the images aren’t technically real. I believe this law should be passed because it’s important people know what real beauty is.

P.S. The video included in the article is really interesting. Give it a go if you have time! Happy midterms everyone!


One thought on “Real Beauty

  1. So as I was reading a thought randomly popped in my head, and now I can’t get it to go away… Why is it that we (mostly) hear about women having body issues? I know there are male model issues! And why is it that when a man is worried about his looks he is immediately thought of as gay? Is it simply that men are too embarrassed to admit to their body insecurities, and therefore no issues are made out of it? It’s just there are so many eating disorders and body issues that women face coupled with campaigns to raise females’ self-esteem that I’m wondering what’s going on with the guys?!I personally don’t think body insecurity is just a female thing, so are we excluding the males or what’s going on here? I recognize that men are not objectified like women are, but they do have similar pressures to look “muscular” and athletic, or to have a square jaw or to be tall. It’s times like these when I feel like “the man box” deserves more attention. If men were less afraid of their own insecurities, and were less confined to this box I feel their interaction with women would drastically change.

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