Matt Forney

Wow. I am truly disgusted. Never have I ever cussed at my computer screen. And after having read “The Case Against Female Self-Esteem” I can honestly say I have never encountered such sexism before in my life.

And while I firmly believe that all of what he said is garbage, and he is a misogynist to the EXTREME, I also could understand itty bitty microscopic pieces of reason. And the only part is this; I think it is important for women to be vulnerable sometimes. And the way he argues it is 125% wrong. He says confident women have nothing to be confident about and secretly want to be dominated or praised and I think that is the biggest load of crap I have ever heard. However, I will say this. Vulnerability is one of the most beautiful aspects of HUMANITY. And it is associated with women, because women are usually the ones more emotionally in touch with their inner selves. It is also more socially acceptable for women to be vulnerable and insecure. That being said; men are just as insecure if not more so than women. Remember the “man box”? All that pressure to be strong, the protector, the one who is always brave and has it together. That is a lot of pressure for any human. And after having dated my boyfriend for 13 months I can easily say my being vulnerable, has allowed him to trust me more, respect me more, and has reassured him that its okay to be insecure; to want reassurances, to open yourself to people. He has been more open with me than any other person. And I think that as a woman, my vulnerability is a thing of beauty, that helps me relate to others. And Matt kinda maybe sorta touched on how female vulnerability enables men to feel manly. Which is great. WOOHOO. But no real “man” let alone any person should feel good about themselves at the expense of another person’s self worth. And that is my rant for the night.


One thought on “Matt Forney

  1. I totally agree! I think he confuses insecurity with vulnerability and takes it to such an insane extreme. What also really pissed me off was how he talked about confident women not seeing men as human any more which is absolutely not true. Anyway thanks for posting this!

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