In class today, when we were talking about objectifing women in media and whatnot, I was really wishing that I had the link to the video because it completely tied into the conversation. And with the controversial music video of Beyonce’s we watched, it really fit in with what we were talking about. I’m still going to share it on wednesday, if that’s alright, but I’m also going to post it for today.

I am extremely opposed to the objectification of women. It upsets me how people always say “oh wow, she looks beautiful,” or “she’s really sexy” when they see a scantily clad woman in an advertisement. Sure, she looks beautiful and sexy, but she also is being used. Sexiness in men is portrayed by usually by a male with a buffer build (abs, pecs, biceps, etc.) and/or wearing a suit or something else classy. However, a “sexy” female is portrayed usually by the subordinate, objectified barely clothed/naked female using or modeling with the subject of the advertisement or the media being displayed/viewed.


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  1. I’m so glad that you pointed out the difference in how sexiness is portrayed in men than in women. It’s so ingrained in our culture, and so many adult generations have grown-up with these types of images and narratives and expectations, that we still associate male sexiness with power and female sexiness with vulnerability/accessibility.

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