Unrealistic Proportions

Unrealistic Proportions

So I was very intrigued by our discussion today on Andrej Pejic and how he models women’s clothing. The disturbing things for me is NOT that he is a man modeling women’s clothing.. it’s WHY he fits the description so well. Andrej is indeed very tiny, and as a man he has no breasts. His face is defined by beautiful bone structure, and is devoid of all excess flesh that might get in the way of seeing that. While he is truly striking it frustrates me that this is the mold the high end fashion industry is proclaiming women should fit. If I may be blunt, there is NO FREAKING WAY my body could ever biologically be that tiny! I understand that I am not fat, and in reality am quite slim, but I can feel the bones in my hips.. They flare out creating an hour glass shape. There is no possible way my hips could get any smaller because my very bones are that wide. And you know what? I like it! (Okay, I’m getting a little side tracked here…) I guess my biggest frustration is that the industry is setting an example that honestly is unhealthy for the vast majority of women. We have breasts and hips and thighs and butts! Many of us will never be able to achieve even remotely the thinness of Andrej, and yet it is this absolutely unrealistic body type that we choose to represent women in the clothing industry! Through my disbelief (and frustration) in this I have begun to see with more empathy how many girls must feel about the pageant industry… Hmm.. Food for thought!


One thought on “Unrealistic Proportions

  1. I really enjoy the point you made. I will never be as slim as he is in my lifetime, making women believe that since they will never reach this size that something is wrong with them. Although he is quite stunning, and the photo’s are flawless, it’s very unrealistic. I understand that in a photography sense he makes the photo and it is perfect, but for the advertisement of women’s clothing it’s quite misleading.

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