BOYS ONLY! How to survive anything

An 8-year-old girl saw these books in a bookstore in Berkeley, CA, and was so upset by them she started crying. After an employee noticed how upset she was, and looked at the books, that employee moved them to a less prominent section of the store. Read the whole story here. The Boys Only title includes things like “How to survive a shark attack” and the Girls Only title includes advice on “How to survive a fight with your BFF.”

This story came to my attention because I follow the American Library Association’s Banned Books Week on social media. They posted this article for discussion about how it was handled, because it was initially reported as a book removal incident. I, personally, am very strongly against censorship, which is why I fall news updates from the ALA about book challenges and removals. However, the way these books are presented is very problematic. The question is how do we deal with problematic media without censoring speech?



One thought on “BOYS ONLY! How to survive anything

  1. This reminds me of a book that I saw called, “Boys are Dumb. Throw Rocks at Them”. There was controversy with that as well. I think it’s hard for people to draw the line between humor and blatant sexism.

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