So our conversation today about the word cunt and why it is such a social taboo reminded me of this video I saw called Cliteracy. Cliteracy is a movement to make people aware of a fundamental part of women’s bodies, the clitoris, that is always overlooked. I thought it was a really interesting video and I felt comfortable posting it after our discussion today. There is also and article on Huffington Post if you guys want to check out more about the movement.


2 thoughts on “Cliteracy

  1. I loved that! I especially loved what she said at the end about how any “curse words” used today refer to or somehow pertain to female genetalia or what is done to it. That really demonstrates just how deep the patriarchy of our society goes. The female body is a beautiful miracle! The clitoris if I’m not mistaken has 9,000 nerve endings! That’s 6,000 more than the penis! The fact that female sexuality and pleasure has been downplayed or ignored for so long, really should infuriate more people. But what really gets me is how it is seen as degrading to be penetrated, when it is supposedly what all men want to do. If penetration is the goal then it shouldn’t be seen as shameful to have female genitalia. Its ridiculous!

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