My Mom & Me!

My Mom & Me!

For this weeks blog post I decided to upload a picture of my mom and I. These past 20 years, my mom has raised me on her own. Being a single mom is extremely tough; however, she has always made it look easy. Growing up, she never missed a basketball game, track practice, spelling bee, or play. I have her to thank for everything. To me, my mom embodies what it means to be a woman. This world is filled with single, working mothers who are required to take on several roles as a parent. I think it’s important we all take time to remember the women in our lives who have been so influential over the years and have stood as exceptional role models both past, present, and future.


3 thoughts on “My Mom & Me!

  1. So glad you posted this! I’m the only child of a single mom and the older I get the more appreciative I am for all that she’s done for me! I’m beginning to see how hard she had to work and the sacrifices she made to always ensure that I had the best upbringing possible! My mom is one of eleven children, and when she was only nine her dad passed away, leaving my grandmother to raise the eleven of them on her own!

  2. I love this! I think it so great that your mom was such a strong role model for you and its really nice hearing about other peoples personal experiences!

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