Iron Jawed Angels Trailer

This is the video I plan on doing for show and tell this week. I watched this movie in my Women’s Studies class my junior year of high school. It’s a movie I think every woman should see; therefore, I figured seeing the trailer might motivate some of my classmates to see the movie. It’s based in the 1910s during the Women’s Suffrage Movement. Hilary Swanks plays a political activist, Alice Paul, as she works to grant women the right to vote. It’s an outstanding film that sends a great message. I was left feeling inspired to fight for what’s right and thankful for the women in my past who worked so hard for the rights I have now.


One thought on “Iron Jawed Angels Trailer

  1. So funny you posted this, it was actually one of my ideas for show and tell as well (no worries, I have plenty more :D)! But I love this movie, it is so wonderfully moving.. I can remember watching this with my AP US History class and crying with a bunch of the other girls! I also enjoy the fact that this touches on the whole privileged white women being the main focus during the suffrage movement, however I also believe strongly in the importance of this movement as a whole. The sacrifices these women made for the greater good are significant, and not to be ignored. So excited to see this in class!

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