Dressing Up

Now I’m not one for dressing up usually, as I can be very lazy when it comes to my appearance, but after being in college, I’m starting to think I should take my appearance more seriously. Not to attract the opposite sex, but to fit in to the social norms; the social norms that girls have a bunch of clothes and shoes, are supposed to be very fashionable, are practically professionals at doing their makeup. None of the above apply to me, and every moment that I’m around all these other girls, I start to not like what I have more and more. As a girl with only jeans, shorts, and one dress but no shoes to wear with it, I feel inadequate. I want to “change my ways.” But I don’t know how, and I’m too scared of being rejected to ask for help. (Also, I don’t want to waste all my money on clothes when I could and should be spending it on food, dorm & hygiene necessities, etc.)


One thought on “Dressing Up

  1. I understand your frustration with coming into college and feeling as though you have to change yourself to fit in. However, I do believe that dressing up for class and feeling confident can improve your performance in the classroom and also help to carry yourself more confidently. I’m sure with time you will find a group of girls that have your similiar interests and taste in clothes. Always be yourself!

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