Distorted Self Perception

Distorted Self Perception

So this weekend was my little sister’s homecoming dance. I went home to be there with her, help her primp, offer advice, and take the customary homecoming photos with her. However once she saw pictures of herself, all she could say was; “I look hideous! I look so fat and ugly!” So I decided to post this photo of us together in the hopes of getting more unbiased feedback. Because when I look at this picture I see myself, with a beautiful young woman (and I don’t know if I’m biased as her sister?) But I do know for a fact that she is NOT fat nor hideous. I guess what I’m trying to say is how sad it makes me when girls compare themselves to each other, or worse to celebrities, or when all they see when they look at themselves are their percieved flaws. I know I’m guilty of all those things. I just wish that the pressures and influences of society were less appearance based. I wish the media would use their influence to inspire people to be hard workers, good people, and to spread positivity instead of convincing us that there is always something wrong with us, and we should strive to fit an impossible standard of perfect physical womanhood.


One thought on “Distorted Self Perception

  1. This is a wonderful picture. You both look so happy!

    It’s unfortunate how easy it is for our experiences – what we view, what we hear other people say – can make it so easy for each of us to feel so uncomfortable in our own skin.

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