Sam’s Invisible Knapsack

1. I have a family that cares about me.

2.I have a home that is safe and close by.

3.I have people in my life from the same race/religion/ethnicity that I can relate to.

4. I have friends from different backgrounds.

5. I know I will always have someone to help me in times of trouble.

6. If I were to happen get sick, medical expenses are not part of my worries.

7. I can afford to attend the university I want without worrying about huge amount of loans.

8. I am able to connect to the world through various ways (i.e. cell phone, computer)

9. I am not expected to pay for living expenses once I am married.

10.I can bare children.

11.  I can hangout with anyone at anytime without anyone questioning me.

12. I can present myself in public in any way I want.

13. I will not be judged or questioned for choosing a man as my life partner, based on my sexuality.

14. I have a car that gives me the freedom to travel anywhere I want to.

15. I have my own room where I can relax and do anything I want.


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