Christina’s Invisible Knapsack

1. It is socially acceptable for me to cry or be emotional.

2. I can call the police without fear for harassment.

3. I can be myself in public without my personality reflecting back on my race

4. I can go to class wearing a dress one day and sweat pants and a pony tail the next and people will accept that as my “freedom of expression”.

5. I know that I will have a meal on the table tomorrow.

6. I can easily find makeup in my skin tone.

7. I knew all of my life that I would be able to go to college and I was expected to go to college.

8. I am not expected to be the breadwinner of my future family.

9. I am able to have children.

10. I will be able to raise my children how I want to.

11. It is acceptable for me to be affectionate in public, meaning that I can give someone a hug in public without people looking down on me.

12. If I am carrying something heavy there is usually someone stronger than me who will help.

13. People usually hold the door open for me, even ones that I have never met before.

14. I can remain where I am and never be expected to have to learn another language or culture.

15. I have a family that I can go home to almost whenever I want.


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