Carrie’s Invisible Knapsack

1. I have parents that care about me.

2. I have a home that is close by, so i can go home on the weekends if I want to.

3. I have friends who I enjoy to spend time with.

4. I have access to healthy food.

5. I can go to the gym to exercise when I want to.

6. I’m attending the college I’ve always wanted to attend.

7. I have a car to take me back home.

8. I can read, which is one of my favorite hobbies.

9. I can hear, so I can listen to music whenever I want to.

10. I’m comfortable with who I am.

11. My hair is pretty easy to maintain.

12. Finding makeup for myself isn’t an issue.

13. I’m able to have nice things, because I worked for them.

14. I live in a free country.

15. I’m able to dress how I want to, without feeling out of place.


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