My Invisable Knapsack

1. I have never been ridiculed for my ethnicity or my heritage.

2. I am able to afford my education so that I may enter into the work force with a degree, improving my prospects of a higher paying job.

3. I don’t have to worry about where my next meal is coming from.

4. I am able to go about my daily activities with physical ease.

5. My native language is spoken everywhere I conduct my day to day life.

6. I am not ridiculed or stereotyped for the clothes I wear everyday.

7. I am able to go out with my significant other in public without arrousing fear, disgust, or ridicule of other people.

8. I have a warm, safe, comfortable place to sleep every night.

9. I have immediate access to running, hot water.

10. I can afford to watch television, use the internet, and have a cell phone.

11. I have never had to fear for my safety because of a part of my identity, be that my skin color, my sexuality, or my cultural background.

12. I am surrounded by people who are of my socioeconomic class, sexuality, and race for the majority of my day; allowing me not to worry about discrimination or unfair treatment.

13. No one has ever doubted or questioned the legality of my presence in American places.

14. I can do whatever I want, at whatever time I want, wherever I want without illiciting suspicion because of my race.

15. I’ve never had to conceal a part of my identity out of fear of rejection, hatred, or isolation.


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