Maggie’s Invisible Knapsack

1. I am able to walk outside in my neighborhood alone without being afraid.

2. If I were to get sick or injured, I have health insurance to relieve the hefty medical bills.

3. I have access to a vehicle at all times.

4. I have access to food and clean water at all times.

5. I can apply to jobs with the confidence that I will not be discriminated against because of my race.

6. When I go out in public with my partner, I know that we are not being judged or looked down upon.

7. If I were to say or do something that would upset someone, they would not immediately blame it on my race or sexual orientation.

8. I can easily find places to buy clothes for my gender.

9. In most public settings, I am not a minority.

10. I have the opportunity to join many more clubs/organizations that pertain to my race and gender.

11. There is a wide variety of hair and makeup products I can buy at most stores.

12. I speak the language that most everyone else speaks in my region.

13. I can go on Netflix and find something that pertains to my life and general interests almost instantly.

14. I don’t find difficulty using restrooms or changing rooms because most places have ones that are specific to my gender.

15. I can confidently answer questions about my sexual orientation without fear that I will be viewed differently.


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