Deanne’s Knapsack

  1. I live in a 3 story house.
  2. I went to gifted/advanced elementary and middle schools.
  3. I can be automatically perceived as “hip” and “cool” based on my skin tone.
  4. People assume I can dance well.
  5. When it’s raining and my friends want to go somewhere, and I just want to stay at home, I can say I can’t go because my hair will get wet, and they’ll drop it.
  6. I can do the same as above with the excuse that I have to wash my hair or don’t want to wash my hair, (for example, going swimming).
  7. When I’m in a big crowd of other races and ethnicities, I know that if I see another black person, we will acknowledge each other in some way.
  8. I feel safer walking by myself in a “bad neighborhood” than others might.
  9. After people hear the way I talk (dialect?) after seeing me for the first time, they become more comfortable around me.
  10. I have a good ear for repeating words/names/phrases in foreign languages when I hear them out loud.
  11. I find it easy to find a beat as well as stay on beat.
  12. I can use PMS and my period as a way to get out of things, including talking to people, going places with my friends/family, and
  13. I can also use PMS and my period to have an excuse to do things, such as eating chocolate, eating in general, ignoring to people, and being sassy/having an attitude.
  14. I don’t have put effort into tanning.
  15. On the extremely off chance I’d ever say or want to say the n-word, it would be socially acceptable for me, more or less.

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