1. I can wear a hood while walking on the street at night without looking suspicious.
  2. I can purchase things without my skin colour working against the appearance of financial responsibility.
  3. I can easily find people of my race on the front page of magazines and a majority of television channels.
  4. I can easily walk into a supermarket and find makeup and other products in my skin colour.
  5. I can walk around the mall alone without being closely watched.
  6. I can walk into a classroom and know I will not be the only one of my race.
  7. I can be sure that if I needed assistance that my race would not be against me.
  8. I have the ability to go back home to a bed, food, and clean running water.
  9. When reading about “civilization” I am shown that people of my race made it what it is.
  10. I can easily go to a hair salon and not have to worry about if they can handle my type of hair.
  11. If I were to have children I could arrange someone to protect them from those who dislike them.
  12. If I were to have children I wouldn’t have to educate them on systemic racism for their own protection.
  13. In many professional settings I have a high chance of getting hired for a job.
  14. If one person of my race does something terrible, it is not brought upon my entire race.
  15. I may talk with my mouth full and not have it bring down my entire race.

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