When Will We Have a Live-Action Wonder Woman movie?

I’m a Wonder Woman fan and have been most of my life. My love of Wonder Woman comes from the live-action television series starring Lynda Carter in that aired in the late 70s. I watched it on afternoon reruns in the mid-80s as a very small child. I’m adding this tid-bit to reinforce the fact that I’m not a huge comic book reader, and I haven’t followed the comic book stories of Wonder Woman. I’ve mostly been exposed to her through television and various cartoon versions of the Justice League (Super Friends in the 80s and Justice League in the early 2000s).

With all this in mind, I’ve been rather eagerly awaiting a live-action Wonder Woman movie since the boom of comic book movies started over the last decade or so. There’s a long list of successful movies with male action heroes based on comic books: Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Superman, Batman, and Spider-Man. But the only female heroes we’re seeing are ancillary to male heroes. Black Widow in The Avengers (who didn’t even get her own film). Jean Grey and Storm in X-Men.

This Times article “Why Don’t We Have A Wonder Woman Move?” explores some of the reasons that, perhaps, Hollywood hasn’t felt comfortable launching a female led action movie, despite Wonder Woman’s iconic status.


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